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Monthly Membership: Memberships go from whenever you want to start and continue for 30 days.   Cancelations for the membership need to be given by email in advance of the next billing date you want to cancel. You must commit to a minimum of 6 months of membership.

Read Below and click here to register on the site where you can add the membership to your account.


Membership Includes:  You get an allotment of hours at each tunnel for the 30 days (see details below).  You may bring someone with to feed balls or watch but only the member (or guest) can participate.  Below is info on each tunnel:

HitTrax Tunnel #1

HitTrax Tunnel #2

Training Tunnel #3

Each tunnel features multiple pitching machine options, a bucket feeder, protective screens, and rubber baseballs, batting t's, and numerous tv's.  Both tunnels are 15ft wide, 70ft long, 12ft high.


You will also be registered in HitTrax and given a door code to access the facility at your reserved times.  Each new member must go through a 20 minute orientation to learn how to use the equipment and facility.  An email will be sent after you sign up for the membership.

Peak Hours are Monday-Friday 5p to 9p, and Saturday-Sunday 9a-9p

-membership includes 2 hours monthly HitTrax Tunnel #1 and 2 hours monthly in HitTrax Tunnel #2 booked in 30 minute increments

Non-Peak hours are Monday-Friday- 9a-5p and 9p-midnight every night

-membership includes 2 hours monthly HitTrax Tunnel #1 and 4 hours monthly in HitTrax Tunnel #2 booked in 30 minute increments

Membership also includes 2 hours in the Training Tunnel

After hours are Midnight-9a everyday

-if using facility after hours please email us to let us know you will be there

The Fine Print

  • Members must reserve cage time in advance.  You can reserve up to 14 days in advance

  • Anyone participating including members and guests must register on the website before the visit

  • Members can bring a registered guest free of charge one time

  • You must clean up before you leave

  • You must follow all posted Hit Club Rules

  • There are times the entire facility is booked so credits can not be used.  You might be asked to move your reserved time but that will not happen often and we will make it work for you.

  • If you can't make your schedule time you will need to cancel the reservation.  If it's within 24 hours you should get your credits back.

An individual membership is $80/month.  A family membership is $125/month and includes double the allotted reservation hours.  You can have up to three children on a family membership.  They must all be included under your registered account.  If you don't have a child and want the extra hours you may sign up for the family membership.

The membership also includes a $25 one time setup fee.  This includes an orientation of the facility.  Members also get 30% off any rentals automatically.

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