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HitTrax Overview

The Hit Club is one of the only places in the Twin Cities where you can rent out our HitTrax hitting simulator.  HitTrax is used for training or fun. Either way it's the most accurate hitting and pitching simulator out there.  If it's your first visit or you become a member you will get instruction on how to use all of our technology.  Watch our video of a HitTrax hitting session in action.

Hitting Sessions

Step up to the plate and monitor key metrics for every single swing in your session.  Exit Velocity and Launch Angle are two key things that determine where the ball goes and if it's a hit or out.  Each session is saved and if you have video on you can review slow motion video of each swing.

Hit Club Hitting Session

Pitching/Catching Sessions

Pitchers can throw a full session from

our mound and every pitch is

recorded.  You get the speed, location

and spin.  Catchers can see pop time

and if a runner is out of safe.

Become a Member and start your

sessions for the season.

Hit Club Pitching Session

Simulated Games

Outside of the real thing nothing compares to playing a game at the Hit Club.  You get the benefit of hitting many times and the pitching machine does all the work.  You can also enjoy very great pitching and fielding so games go fast.  Stats are tracked throughout the game and available to email yourself after the game. 

Learn more about upcoming Leagues.

Hit Club Hitting Session

HitTrax Media

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